voice and animation

Vanderwerff Talent has an established foothold in the animation world, with youth talent voicing characters on ABC Pirates, Abby Hatcher, Agent Binky, Bakugan, Blue's Clues & You, Book Hungry Bears, Bravest Warriors, Carl's Car Wash, Charlie's Colorforms City, Corn & Peg, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Dino Ranch, Elinor Wonders Why, Esme & Roy, Finny the Shark, Gisele's Mashup Adventures, Hamsters of Hamsterdale, Happy House of Frightenstein, Interstellar Ella, Let's Go Luna, Lucas the Spider, Luna Petunia, Mittens and Pants, Mighty Express, Millie Magnificent, Mochi, Ocean Calls, PAW Patrol, Peanuts, PikWik Pack, PJ Masks, Pinkalicious and Peterrific, Polly Pocket, The Polos, Project Detective, Ranger Rob, Sea Kids, The Snoopy Show, Space Ranger Roger, Superkitties, Top Wing, True and the Rainbow Kingdom, Wandering Wenda, and Work it Out Wombats, to name a few.

Jacob Soley
mia swaminathan
mikayla swaminathan
Tianna swaminathan
Alexa T
sabrina wan
Simon Webster
Jonah wineberg Voice
Maya Attieh
Ava Agustin
Logan Aultman Voice
Max Cainescu
Rebecca chan Voice
Devan cohen Voice
Marlowe Davidson Voice
mackenzie da zilva
Mackenzie dhanasar
Luke Dietz 2 V
Levi Dombokah VA
Macy Drouin voice
Gabriela Francis
Alyssa Gervasi 2 VA
Jesse Gervasi 2 VA
Fanienne Hodge-Carter
dean humphries
graeme jokic
Ticoon Kim
Lexie Kim-Lemay
Jillian Lau
Lyle Lettau
lucas miranda
Mark Ramsay
Jackson Reid
Benjamin Shohet
jake sim
Malakai Small